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Parenting Coordination Services

On July 17, 2010, Dr. Winick obtained a Certificate in Parenting Coordination Training after completing a twenty-eight hour continuing education course at the University of South Florida.

Florida Statute 61.125 states that the purpose of parenting coordination “is to provide a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process whereby a parenting coordinator assists the parents in creating or implementing a parenting plan by facilitating the resolution of disputes between the parents by providing education, making recommendations, and, with the prior approval of the parents and the court, making limited decisions within the scope of the court’s order of referral.”

In Dr. Winick’s clinical training and practice, Dr. Winick has extensive knowledge and experience with family systems theory and application, family dynamics of separation and divorce, domestic violence and child abuse.  In Dr. Winick’s forensic training and practice, Dr. Winick has extensive knowledge and experience with Florida family law and procedure.   With regard to specific training, Dr. Winick has been certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a family law mediator.

With regard to specific experience, from 1994-2001, as a Court Psychologist, Dr. Winick conducted psychological evaluations for both dependency court and family court.

Dr. Winick has maintained a full time private practice, since 2002, that specializes in both clinical psychology and forensic psychology.  Thus, Dr. Winick is well qualified to help parents within the context of family dynamics, the legal system, and the sometimes complex interaction between family dynamics and the legal system.    

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