Psychotherapy is employed to bring improvement and psychological well-being to individuals suffering from specific problems of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Psychotherapy is also used to treat individuals who are unable to describe specific symptoms, but have a general feeling of inability to cope. Dr. Winick helps people become more contented and lead less stressful, more productive lives.

Dr. Winick offers brief, goal-oriented treatment. With adults and older adolescents, a treatment plan is established in the initial session. With children and younger adolescents, the first several sessions are devoted to both building rapport and gathering information. Parents are asked to fill out a questionnaire pertaining to background history of the child and the child is given several brief psychological tests. At the end of the third session, a treatment plan is agreed upon by Dr. Winick, the child's parents, and the child.

Dr. Winick utilizes an eclectic approach to psychotherapy. To this extent, the techniques used with a specific individual is contingent upon the needs of the specific individual. With children, interventions range from less structured approaches like play therapy to extremely structured approaches like cognitive-behavioral chip systems. Play therapy allows children to identify and label their feelings in different situations. Chip systems allow children to gain from parents direct reinforcement for appropriate behavior and negative consequences for inappropriate behavior. Also incorporated in the chip system are scripts for improving communication between parent and child. Dr. Winick introduces the child's parents to different parenting skills that are likely to be effective with their specific child.

With adolescents and adults, Dr. Winick also utilizes a range of interventions. Some adolescents and adults benefit from conversational approaches that allow them to express their emotions and gain awareness of maladaptive interpersonal patterns. Other adolescents and adults benefit from more structured interventions such as learning cognitive-behavioral stress management. Most often, Dr. Winick utilizes a blend of various techniques with each person. At times, the main problem in an adult's life centers on their relationship with their spouse or significant other. In these situations, Dr. Winick works together with both adults in couples therapy in an effort to improve the relationship satisfaction of both individuals.

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